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Our story

I, Diana, was born in one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, Brasov. I spent my childhood there, did my studies and made my first career steps. The brisk mountain air that I took in daily, gave me the energy and courage to try something new in 2011. Now, 8 years later, I can say that Timisoara is my second home. It’s the place where I continued my development, where I met new, beautiful people.

I, Cosmin, was born in Constanta, and a part of my childhood was spent in Dobrogea. At the age of 9, I moved with my family in Lugoj, where my dad was originally from. Timisoara is where I did my studies and started my career but an offer I couldn’t refuse made me reevaluate all my thoughts and priorities and the weeks to come found me in….Germany. Ever since, I can say Munchen has become a place I can call home.

We, Diana si Cosmin met in the brief period of time in which we were colleagues in the same Timisoara based company. Funny enough, our story was about to start later, when there were 1000 km between us. Without even realizing it, we began getting closer and closer with the use of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The defining moment of our story was in 2014, when a weekend in Barcelona offered us the confirmation we needed. We spent some of our best moments there. It is where we started writing the pages to our story, which we will continue writing…. 

About us

We are Diana & Cosmin, known as Piticescu & Borchescu.


Alias Piticul / Piticescul

I am a cheerful and fun-lovin’ bunch young lady. I am capricious and sometimes too fast at getting mad. I am a Capricorn, born right on Christmas, on the 26th of December.
I don’t carry a grudge and I forgive everyone. I am nice and understanding, especially to the ones that are dearest to my heart. Being always surrounded by people, I enjoy doing creative things, physical activities and all sorts of things that include people and communication.

I love music, make up, clothes, travelling, discovering new cities, spring, summer, winter, and maybe even a little warm autumn.
I like skiing, swimming, taking nature in. I am excited about everything that is new and brings me joy. I like children, I do volunteer work in my spare time and sometimes I do sing. 

Phone: +40727363738
E-mail: diana.torcea@yahoo.com


Alias Cosminescu

A genuine Taurus, born on the 5th of May, I am the right kind of stubborn, serious and unapproachable at first sight but a true friend after I get to know a person.

Keen observer of the human behavior. Perfectionist. Attentive to details. Short and to the point.

I like cleanliness and everything in their place.
I like fine jokes, flowers and good wine.
I live travelling, I like just lying around.

Phone: +4915773938713
E-mail: cosmin.borchescu@yahoo.com

Our Wedding Journey

Civil Ceremony

18 May 2019
Thesaurus Wines


Religious Ceremony

1 June 2019


Celebration & Party

1 June 2019
Villa Trevi